How To Get Single Status Certificate In India?

Single Status Certificate Apostille

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         Stay in India, China, the US, UK, or any other country, international marriages are attractive common these days. India is the largest source country for international immigrants globally and with well over 22 million Indians settled abroad, it is quite inevitable that a large number of them end up wedding from other countries. However, the path to doing this isn’t a cakewalk and requires something called a bachelorhood certificate or Single Status Certificate.

             A Single Status Certificate, also occasionally known as a signal status certificate, is simply put, a certificate proving one’s bachelorhood certificate. Or in other words, a legal document that specifies one’s married status as per the judiciary laws of the country. Unlike an official document, it is a self-sworn statement stating that the affiant is single, or has no dependents (in case of a divorce) from any previous marriages.


Why do you require the attestation of a Single Status Certificate?

             In India, it is not compulsory to showcase that one is single or unmarried. However, almost every country in the world wants that a person is unmarried in order to formalize a marriage in that specific country. This is to avoid polygamy and prohibited marriages from happening. To allow a person to wed someone abroad, a Single Status Certificate, also known as a CENOMAR (certificate of no marriage record) is required. In confident cases, the documents to show your bachelorhood are also called a celibacy certificate, or a certificate of no obstruction.

How to Got a bachelorhood Certificate?

By consulting Attestation and Apostille services

This is a much simple and faster option as this includes the affiant using the help of professional services. The current is prepared by the agency and the applicant simply has to submit the necessary documents to them. The Certificate attestation and apostille agency make sure the document is stamped and sent to the MEA/Home department for authentication. 

Since the MEA and delegations are situated in different regions, it is highly recommended to use professional help in the process of certificate attestation of these documents. This saves a lot of cash and time, at the same time ensuring that there are no mistakes made. 

What are the documents required for single status certificate?

  • A valid Passport or Visa
  • Proof of Birth
  • Proof from parents
  • Address proof

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