Spanish Translation


Step to getting Translation Into the Spanish follow the below step

1.Translate the document into Spanish (Only Translation, not a notarized translation)

2.Verify this translate from the Spain embassy using the below details (fees Around the €30 on 31 May 2021)

Below Information is Shown On the Embassy of Spain, Delhi. India

You can verify from here



Spanish authorities consider official translations into Spanish those:

1. Done by a translator in possession of the certification of sworn translator-interpreter granted by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation. 

2. Done by a foreign diplomatic mission or career consular office in Spain provided that the translation refers to a law or public document of that foreign country.

3. In case of a public document that is part of a visa application or any other administrative procedure in which the Embassy is involved, done by someone proficient in Spanish and then checked and validated by the Embassy. In this case, according to the Law 9/2011, of May 10, on consular fees, the applicable fee is the equivalent in local currency of €30 per page.

Please note that, since it lacks readily available qualified personnel, the Embassy of Spain in New Delhi does not make translations.

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